Does the remaining battery percentage provides too less information for you? Are you right before your presentation and need to know it the battery will survive the next hour? Are you interested in more than just the battery level and time? Do you also want to see information about the cycle count, the capacity and may be the manufacturing date of your MacBooks battery? Then, YaBattery fits your requirements.

YaBattery provides you with a comprehensive overview about your battery. In the status bar it gives you a nice little icon and the remaining time until empty or full. In its menu, YaBattery provides all information about the battery that matter.

Of course, you can also easy access the system Energy Saver preferences.


  • Small remaining time with icon to save space in the status bar.
  • All necessary battery information at a glance.
  • Open Energy Saver preferences quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YaBattery launch at login?
Yes! You can enable YaBattery to launch at login by clicking on the status bar item and select "Launch at login".
YaBattery only shows "--:--", what does this mean?
From time to time the battery takes some time to calculate the remaining time, either to empty or to fully charged. This does also happen with Apple's built in battery information. Just wait some time and the value will show up.
What do the colors mean?
Well, green stands for charging. As soon as you remove the power cord the color switches to orange for discharging. When the battery level is under 25% it is displayed as red.
Why does launch at login not work?
Please ensure that YaBattery is installed under /Applications. Otherwise, the launch at login features does not work.
Can I try before I buy?
Yes! There is a special trail version to help you decide whether YaBattery does what you need.
I need troubleshooting or have an enhancement request, what to do?
Great, I'm always interested in feedback. In YaBattery use the Feedback / Issue reporting item in the menu or supply your request here. I try to get back to you as soon as possible.
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