Talks and Training Services

Training and Consulting

I offer training services in a large spectrum of topics. They cover C++ programming, software design and architecture and many topics about and around embedded systems.

Training Sessions Offered

The training sessions are lecture only presentations. Still, the participants are welcome to use their devices to experiment with the course material as it is presented.

All training sessions are available in German and English.

The listed lengths are approximate and include a questions and answers part.

  • Control Your Code Footprint (length: 1.5h)
    Especially in embedded systems with a limited amount of resources the resulting footprint is important. Participants will learn how to control the resulting footprint. Part of it is to learn how to deal with execution speed, RAM or ROM usage.
  • Incorporate Modern C++ in Legacy Code (length: 1.5h)
    With the rise of C++-11 there is a lot more change in the world of C++. The new standards bring some very interesting features. This talk will highlight these with the focus on embedded systems development.
  • Write Efficient C++ Code for Embedded Systems (length: 1.5h)
    Embedded systems are getting more and more popular. Nearly everywhere you look you can discover them. There is a little change regarding the available resources on such devices. However, it is still important to control the resulting code footprint and the safety of the code. This training covers the use of templates and how to avoid code bloat.
  • Use the Power of the Language to Write Better Code (length: 1.5h)
    If you write code for living and you care about your code, then you might be interested in the topics covered in this training. Here you will learn about how to express yourself in code. How to transfer your intention to others, not only the compiler.
  • What is Modern C++ and Why Should I Care (length: 1.5h)
    There is a lot of about talks about modern C++. With C++-11 and its successors the language has become a new attraction. Thinking has changed. Now things can be done differently in C++. Still close to hardware, if you like it. However, programming should be safer and still fast. One item are raw pointers versus all the container types. In this training you will learn about new patterns of C++ and why they are helpful.

All courses can be combined to create customized courses that meet your needs. Please contact me directly, if you are interested in my training or consulting services.


From time to time I give public presentations and seminars. Here is a list of some of my past and upcoming presentations.

Code samples which I consider valuable are available on github.

"C++: Schnell und klein - Was kostet ein Sprach-Feature", ESE Kongress, December 5, 2017
"C++1x für eingebettete Systeme kompakt", Open enrollment seminar sponsored by QA Systems, November 21, 2017
"Use the power of the language", Keynote Address, Clean Code Days, June 21, 2017[ pdf ]
"Fast and Small - What are the Costs of Language Features", NDC { Oslo }, June 16, 2017[ pdf | video ]
"Nutzen Sie die Macht der Sprache", ADC++, May 16, 2017[ pdf ]
"Schnell und klein - Was kostet ein Sprach-Feature", ADC++, May 17, 2017
"Nutzen Sie die Macht der Sprache", ESE Kongress, November 29, 2016[ pdf ]