Embedded Software Developer

Andreas Fertig

Embedded software developer, trainer and speaker from Stuttgart area

Hello! My name is Andreas, I'm a Germany based software developer, speaker and trainer. I use C++ for over 10 years now with a strong focus on embedded systems development. I like the challenge of writing software for systems with small memory and all other limitations that arise with this kind of hardware.

You can profit from my profound knowledge by one of my training classes. There I teach C++ using the latest standards, 11, 14, 17 and soon C++20 as well. This enables you to write less code which implies a reduced maintenance.

My motto for all programming activities is: write unique code. A mindset and philosophy I transfer in my classes as well.

Aside from one of my training classes, conferences are a great place to meet me in person. I frequently speak at various C++ conferences around the world. Like to know more? See my talks page which lists my past and upcoming talks.

In case, you like to read what's going on in my life, check out my blog at andreasfertig.blog. There I write about C++ related things as well as my upcoming conference talks and open enrollment seminars.

Furthermore, I'm the creator of C++ Insights: See your source code with the eyes of a compiler. In case, you haven't already heard of C++ Insights, it is a Clang based tool which shows how the compiler sees your source code. It transforms your C++ input into an enriched version with all the things your compiler adds to the source code behind the scenes. C++ Insights assists me in my training classes to explain certain aspects of C++. My classes are in general highly interactive with a lot of examples.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly, if you are interested in my training or consulting services or anything else.