Embedded Software Developer

Andreas Fertig

Embedded software developer, trainer and speaker from Stuttgart area

Hello! My name is Andreas, I'm a Germany based software developer, speaker and trainer. I'm in business for a while now. All the time I had a strong focus on developing embedded systems. I like the challenge of writing software for systems with small memory and all other limitations that arise with this kind of hardware. Currently, I write software for medical devices. This kind of software must meet the highest standards, as doctors use it, to control the life of patients. So there is a lot of responsibility and you need to do a perfect job to fulfil the customers' requirements.

While I really love programming in C++, I also enjoy designing new system architectures. Having a look into the future, expecting what needs can exist at the time, is a delight for me. My definition of good software is not only good quality source code, but also a good software architecture that is open for future enhancements. In addition to the design, I enjoy presenting the results to a group of people and discuss my ideas with them to get the best combined results out of it.

I'm also the creator of C++ Insights: See your source code with the eyes of a compiler.

Apart from programming myself, I'm pleased to share my knowledge around C++ and embedded systems by my talks and training sessions. See my talks and training page for more information. Please do not hesitate contacting me directly, if you are interested in my training or consulting services.